Hoover Windtunnel Power Nozzle Canister Vacuum Cleaner Reviews


Hoover windtunnel power nozzle canister vacuum cleaner is the ultra new model in the category of canister type vacuum; it is a mind-blowing windtunnel tech offered by Hoover.

About the Product

The highlights about this canister vacuum is given below-

  • As the name indicates, this vacuum’s specialty lies in its windtunnel technology for giving a cleaner house; this feature combined with the 15-inch power nozzle in this canister vacuum is more than enough to create an ultra-clean home.
  • The other criterion that facilitates cleaning is the 7-foot hose which has 360° swivel capability.
  • When you need to clean any surface above the floor, no issues thanks to its on-board tools.
  • Important of all, there is good news for all the pet lovers; with its improvised and new pet-hair tool, it sucks in all the dirt with enhancing feature of rotations.

How to Order it Online?

 It is very easy to order the product online; just log on to the below link- http://www.amazon.com/Hoover-WindTunnel-Canister-Anniversary-S3670/dp/B0017YUX5A, where this vacuum can be purchased at a cost of $247.55.

Hoover Windtunnel power nozzle canister vacuum cleaner cleanses every nook and corner completely right from your carpet to bare floors to upholsteries.

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