Kitchen Warming Drawers Review


There are a variety of kitchen warming drawers; KitchenAid is one of the brands that offer quality assurance. Architect Series II, model no KEWS105SSS from KitchenAid is featured in this post.

Highlights of the Model:

The highlights of this warming drawer are as follows-

  • Imbibed with control technology, that affords different types of temperature settings according to different tasks.
  • Twin position racks are available providing space for storage and warming foods as well.
  • This drawer has twin settings with humidity slide control thereby maintaining foods hot as well as moist with the selections available.
  • When cooking food, it is equally important to monitor the status of the cooking; the sensor temperature control ensures that the food is not dried out.
  • Further, as an extra measure of indication when the warming drawer in on, a brilliant blue color indicator light also glows in the exterior part.
  • Drawer has bread proofing available.

 Where to buy?

These warming drawers can be bought from the following site at a cost of $1,199.00.

Kitchen warming drawers are one of the basic kitchen appliances as most of the cooking needs the help of warming drawer. It also increases the décor look of  kitchen.

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