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Presto Flip Side Waffle Maker Review


Presto flip side waffle maker is a newly released product by Presto; its model no. is 3510. Bake thick Belgian waffles within minutes using this waffle maker.

Highlights of the Waffle Maker

Overture of this waffle maker is presented here-

  • As indicated by the name, this waffle maker has flipside design of 180°, which facilitates even spreading of the batter to make fluffy covering with a tender interior.
  • Further, it has an ergonomic as well as stylized appeal with its brushed stainless steel exterior.
  • Digital display is provided to indicate when the baking is completed.
  • Presto is completely confident of the product to provide a warranty of 1 year, which means 12 months of peace and safety for you.
  • The waffle maker can be stored without any hassles with its dual function base locks, that too in a vertical position.
  • Works on a120 volts AC; in other words, 1350 watts.

How to Order it Online?

This product can be ordered online directly from the official site of Presto i.e. http://www.gopresto.com/products/products.php?stock=03510.

Presto Flip Side Waffle Maker adds a true value to kitchen with its new improvised look; it also makes delicious and crispy waffles.

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