Wall Oven Microwave Warming Drawer Combo Reviews


Wall oven microwave warming drawer combo has become a product in rage; there are many companies heading towards making a lead here. KitchenAid is one of the leading brands in the category; model no KEMS308SSS from KitchenAid is reviewed below.

Overview of the Combo:

Short description of its vast features-

  • There are basically two oven compartments in this feature- they are upper oven comprising of popcorn, boil & simmer, melt, soften, to name a few; the lower oven has convection bake and roast along with temperature broil.
  • Imbibed with Crispwave technology making it easier for cooking.
  • Important of all, the warmer drawer comes with a humidity option as well. Secondly, there are new improvised features to avoid food from drying out.
  • Bread proofing function is a good substitute to other bread proofing methods.

How to Order it Online?

Ordering this warming drawer online is very easy; just log onto the following web address http://www.kitchenaid.com/flash.cmd?/#/product/KEWS105SSS where it can be purchased at a price ranging from $3,249.00 – $3,549.00.

Wall oven microwave warming drawer combo is a boon for all people who wish to save space. This carefully planned compact design consumes less space, giving more options for warming drawer, slow cooker, and microwave too.

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